Podcast “Taking Measure” – June – Paul Barnett

Episode Description

Guest: Paul Barnett reads “Organizations” from June  in Measure of the Year.

Paul Barnett’s parents were friends with Rod and Ann Haig-Brown. Once Paul grew up and returned to Campbell River after university and worked as Executive Director for the John Howard Society for 26 years, he became good friends with Ann as she joined the board of the John Howard Society to carry on with Rod’s work after he died in 1976. Once Ann stopped driving, Paul became Ann’s chauffeur to take her to the board meetings and often after the meetings they would debrief in the study. In this episode, Paul chats with host Dan MacLennan and offers a glimpse into their friendship and the meaning of participating in organizations to help enhance  a community.

You can link to the Haig-Brown House website here https://www.haig-brown.bc.ca. There you’ll find all kinds of goodies including historical photographs and information about how to experience the house and all it offers in person or virtually. Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.