Podcast “Taking Measure” – September – Sandra Parrish

Guest: Sandra Parrish reads from September in Measure of the Year.

Sandra Parrish grew up down the road and just up the river from Above Tide, the Haig-Brown family home in Campbell River. She has many fond memories of spending time on the banks of both the Quinsam and Campbell River with the ever-present sound of running water  as a backdrop to her childhood.  She has worked at the Museum at Campbell River since the 1980’s and the nature of her work has been intricately tied to the Haig-Brown House for most of her career. Sandra joins host Dan MacLennan to share stories and observations that span decades here at Above Tide.

You can link to the Haig-Brown House website here https://www.haig-brown.bc.ca. There you’ll find all kinds of goodies including historical photographs and information about how to experience the house and all it offers in person or virtually. Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.